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    uBBuntu by ock

    I'm very proud to introduce the newest theme to our lineup, uBBuntu!

    This theme features dual scrolling desktops that include your top twelve applications from your applications screen. In addition, the top menu bar features an additional ten predefined shortcuts. Together, your home screen has a total of twenty two individual shortcuts without even needing to switch to your applications screen!

    This theme is available for the Bold 9700 (OS 5.0), Curve 8900 (OS 5.0) and Tour 9630 (OS 4.7 and OS 5.0). Tour users, please keep in mind that if you have not manually updated your phone's OS to 5.0, you will need to choose the version for OS 4.7 in order for the theme to work. If you update to OS 5.0 in the future, we will happily update your registered version to reflect it.

    Click here to pick up your copy of uBBuntu from the CrackBerry store! Currently on sale for only $2.99 through March 5th!

    MENUBAR NAVIGATION (Click to Access appropriate app):
    • BBMessenger - BlackBerry Messenger
    • Camera - Camera
    • System - Options
    • Firefox Icon - Browser
    • Envelope Icon - Messages
    • Question Mark Icon - Search
    • Clock - Clock
    • Network Icon - Manage Connections
    • Sound Speaker - Profiles
    • Power Button - Lock

    • Scroll up from desktop application icons 1-3 (of either desktop) to access menu bar. Desktop application icon one jumps to BBM/Camera/System. Icon two jumps to Browser/Messages/Search. Icon three jumps to Connections/Profiles/Lock. Menu bar can be scrolled through completely from left to right.
    • Scroll down from desktop application icon 6 to access desktop switcher. Desktop will automatically switch as you scroll left/right on desktop switcher. No need to click icon to lock. Just scroll back up once on desktop you want to use!

    03-01-10 12:36 PM
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    I have removed the discussion guys, and would ask that you take it to PM.
    03-01-10 07:38 PM