1. BadlyDrawnDuck's Avatar
    I'm curious if there are any content standards or requirements involved in creating "premium" themes. While trolling the forum for themes recently, I found a number of themes which, while nicely crafted, used wallpaper, icons, or other resources that were clearly not created by the theme author. I've seen a significant amount of freeware used, as well as images which were created for other operating systems and are clearly the intellectual property (or copyrighted property) of other entities. As the original creator or owner of that content, I would be irate if my public domain or creative commons work was being used in a for-profit application or theme.

    I'm not trying to rob anyone of their livelihood. I just want to be sure that the original artists or owners are not being robbed. There's nothing worse than when someone tries to pass your work off as his - and he's getting paid for it!
    04-15-10 04:30 PM