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    extremely wallpaper friendly and the homescreen just includes time, date, battery and signal indicators. Custom icons, grey with a little bit of transparency, white homescreen background divided by a top and bottom banner buttons that are highlighted with a blue gradient effect, Attractive white leather background on the applications homescreen which gives it an executive look, 12 icon hidden tab accessed through the bottom banner (Slots 1-12)

    Homescreen banner buttons :
    Manage connections,

    12 icon hidden tab. (for the people who think six just isnt enough)

    If requested :
    Weather Slot and Hidden today will be added in different versions.

    Paraslide - Themes BlackBerry Apps

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    One of the best themes I've used...... Simply Unique

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    09-24-10 03:06 PM
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    This theme is frickin awesome!!!!!!!!thanx
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    09-26-10 08:15 AM