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    Kawaii Animal Life for OS 6

    For 9650, 9700, 9780 OS6

    Completed with:
    - Kawaii background
    - Simple banner
    - Digital design icons
    - Two kinds of batteries bar
    - Two kinds of signal meter
    - Digital design focus icon
    - Digital tab
    - Beautiful dialog background
    - Rainbow colours button
    - Cute Hourglass
    - etc.

    [PREMIUM] Kawaii Animal Liife Theme-01.png
    [PREMIUM] Kawaii Animal Liife Theme-02.png
    [PREMIUM] Kawaii Animal Liife Theme-03.png
    [PREMIUM] Kawaii Animal Liife Theme-05.png
    [PREMIUM] Kawaii Animal Liife Theme-07.png
    [PREMIUM] Kawaii Animal Liife Theme-08.png

    Please restart your blackberry after install the theme
    Any suggestion? Please send it to jessijessthemes@gmail.com
    Remember to visit our blog : JessiJess Themes
    Theme Fans FB : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jessi-...08021779327904

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    10-22-13 08:57 PM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Very cute!!!!!
    JessiJess likes this.
    10-22-13 09:07 PM

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