1. MarkoXedos's Avatar
    Hey guys check out this awesome theme for bb bold, storm 1 &2 and the torch running os5 and os6

    (i'm not the developer, I just found it on the app world, and I wanted to share with you)

    It's called Glass HD professional 1.7 FXBS it costs USD $0.99, but it's worth the money

    here's the features:
    Compatibility: OS.4.7 (Trackpad) - 9600/9630
                            OS.4.7 (Touchscreen) 9500/9520/9530/9550 (BlackBerry Storm/BlackBerry Storm2)
                            OS.5  (Trackpad)- 9700/9630/9600/8950
                            OS.5  (Touchscreen) 9500/9520/9530/9550 (BlackBerry Storm/BlackBerry Storm2)
                            OS.6  (Trackpad)- 9780/9700/9650
                            OS.6  (Touchscreen) 9800 BlackBerry Torch                                                                                                
    -New animation icon
    -Animation screen transition
    -All icon are customizable (position etc..)
    -Percentage of battery
    -Preview sms, email, activity etc. in the homescreen (safeguarding privacy).
    -New graphics background in all screen, menu border, cursor list is optimized and amazing incoming call.
    -Functional design and high definition
    - Clean and very fluid                                                        
    Excellent visual quality and functionality
    Simply, clean and professional. 
    For all your needs.
    Here some screens:

    Link to AppWorld

    12-09-11 10:12 AM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    simple and clean but looks like 100s of free ones ive seen
    12-09-11 12:02 PM
  3. Zippolino's Avatar
    I have downloaded. Deserves, I do not agree with you Fobaz, free with this quality do not exist. pictures do not do it justice, when seen from the screen of my bold 9700 theme makes the phone even more beautiful than it already was! GREAT, thanks for sharing MarkoXedos!
    12-09-11 02:12 PM