04-12-10 03:52 PM
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  1. CalxDesign's Avatar

    Hi all,

    My latest theme 'Pod' has been 6 months in the making and is finally finished.

    It's another 3D tech style theme with features as follows:

    - Slick, tech-style design
    - Feature signal and battery metering (left is signal, right is battery)
    - Over 60 bespoke, 3D rendered icons
    - 3D rendered home-screen
    - Customisable 6 Icon dock
    - SPACEBAR shortcut to 3rd party 'QuickLaunch' app (not included)
    - Profile selection directly from the home-screen

    Pod is now available from Crackberry at the link below.

    Calx - 'Pod' - Themes BlackBerry Apps - Crackberry BlackBerry Apps Store

    Perhaps a moderator would be kind enough to change the topic to:

    "Premium Calx Theme "Pod" for 8900/9000/9630/9700 O.S 4 and 5"

    Thanks for your support on this one everyone, despite the testing not working out how we might have hoped.

    All the best

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    10-13-09 05:07 AM
  2. sambaman's Avatar
    I would love to test it!I.m on 9500 with from Lyr

    10-13-09 05:28 AM
  3. CalxDesign's Avatar
    I would love to test it!I.m on 9500 with from Lyr

    Cool, thanks, if you use the form above then I have your email address.

    10-13-09 05:34 AM
  4. dawn512's Avatar
    would test for the tour
    10-13-09 06:03 AM
  5. neoxfl's Avatar
    I could test for storm as well as tour (verizon).
    enjoyed your last theme would love to buy this one!!!

    10-14-09 01:24 PM
  6. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    Registered on your site. Looks amazing from what I can see. Would be honored to test it out for you.
    10-14-09 02:39 PM
  7. smokey-la's Avatar
    I could test it for 8900

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    10-15-09 09:52 AM
  8. CalxDesign's Avatar
    Thanks all, great response, I've decided to double the numbers so there's still quite a bit of room. Hope there's more willing to help.
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    10-20-09 08:23 AM
  9. mrtomallen's Avatar
    I'd like to test the theme. I'm running
    10-20-09 08:55 AM
  10. ..Fredo's Avatar
    I'm down to test for you. Tried using your registration site but it's giving me an error saying "ERROR: Please enter a valid e-mail address.". Any suggestions? Thanks.
    10-20-09 09:45 AM
  11. coachcurtisbusse's Avatar
    wht about 8330? id do it
    10-20-09 09:35 PM
  12. foubre73's Avatar
    i've registered on your site. hope to hear from you soon. awesome theme.
    10-25-09 08:46 PM
  13. CalxDesign's Avatar
    Thanks all for your registrations - this theme wont be available for the 83xx series but thanks for offering to help anyway, much appreciated. I've now got about ten testers for each handset.

    Fredo: I don't know what happened when you were registering, it seems to have worked OK for everyone else. Maybe check your entries and try again.
    10-26-09 05:39 AM
  14. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    Any word on when you will have us test this? I am chomping at the bit to give one of your themes a test.
    10-26-09 09:52 AM
  15. CalxDesign's Avatar
    Very soon i hope, I'm in the middle of finishing quite a large non-theme related project but HOPE to add the final touches to this and get the BETA's out before the end of the week.
    10-26-09 09:56 AM
  16. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    Excellent!!!! Very much looking forward to this. Thanks for the update sir.
    10-26-09 05:51 PM
  17. mundo472's Avatar
    Dave, I'd love to test this on the Storm (os 328). Have really enjoyed your real icon 2. You make the best icons!!
    10-27-09 10:10 PM
  18. Blacklatino's Avatar
    Love testing themes.
    12-14-09 10:41 AM
  19. helmdawg's Avatar
    I sent ya a PM regarding testing..
    12-14-09 11:14 AM
  20. BrindawithanI's Avatar
    Email sent for 9700. The theme looks amazing!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    12-14-09 09:22 PM
  21. manningfan10's Avatar
    I'll test this theme for the tour
    12-14-09 09:59 PM
  22. thegotoguyy's Avatar
    i can test for 9700
    12-16-09 12:21 AM
  23. Andrax's Avatar
    Howdy howdy... just got your email and am very interested in helping put this through it's paces on my TOUR.

    12-29-09 10:28 AM
  24. moses11685's Avatar
    Would like to test this. Using curve 8330 os5.0.0.230

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    12-29-09 12:53 PM
  25. CalxDesign's Avatar
    Thought this might be of interest:

    "Pod" in development.

    01-07-10 04:42 AM
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