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    I am having an odd issue with the Precision Replica theme and I am not sure where to post this so the maker can see it other than here. I actively use Windows Live messenger on my blackberry curve 8330m and when I get a new message it displays the notification incorrectly at the top of the home screen. There are three parts of the notification at the top and it displays two parts on one line and then the third directly below it. I am not sure how to take screen shots (because I have not looked this up) of this so I can not offer visual proof now but I can certainly replicate it and research how to get a screen shot to offer up as proof if I need to.

    I am using a Sprint 8330m.
    01-25-10 07:53 AM
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    Also it appears the lock icon is having a rendering issue of some sort as its not being fully displayed. I password protect my phone.

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    01-25-10 10:38 AM
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    Click this link from your BlackBerry


    That is a link to CaptureIt. You can take screenshots with that application.
    01-25-10 12:27 PM
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    This is my screen capture of the main issue. Picture is attached.
    01-25-10 02:17 PM
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    I'm having a problem with that theme as well is it off the bb app world???? If so I have a boost mobile 5.0 the service provider dosent matter but maybe my 5.0 os does its not the smoothest theme in the world but everything works EXCEPT my alarm clock can't be set!!!!! And of course it works with other and stock themes can anyone help me or possibly help me find a regular precision theme possibly with weather slot but weather dun matter I just don't wanna do that stupid nathanix stuff when my phone came with 5.0 I know that stuff is easy once you learn it but who ever that admin is for that site is not a good explainer his directions r complex n suck and I'm not an ***** and I'm not a bragger but I usta mess with all this stuff back before blackberry messenger pins replaced nextel direct connect so I do have exp wit phone hardware n software anyone can help me that be cool I'm not lazy I'm just way to busy to get on my desktop THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    04-13-10 04:34 PM