1. Aprioreschi's Avatar
    I have been racking my brain trying to find this theme or someone who would be willing to make it for me and i can't find anyone!!

    I have a BBPearl 8110 4.5 os.

    I want a bottom dock with about 6 transparent icons But with a HIDDEN today with my calender and Messages.

    Instead of the ugly Blue arrows in the corner, I would like the black and white small arrows, and instead of the blue hour glass I would like the black box thing with the white dial in it...

    I don't want any wallpaper or anything, Just plain black so I can use my own wallpapers.

    And i want it done in pink and black, or if thats to much for you just a basic color will be fine. like black and white or something.

    PLEASE tell me you can help me with this!! Im about to go crazy trying to find this theme and trying to find someone who knows how to do a HIDDEN today theme with a bottom dock!! PLEASE HELP!!

    I wish I knew how to do it myself, but sadly i just cant figure it out.

    Thankk you for all of your help!!
    12-18-09 01:13 PM