1. LimeTwyst's Avatar
    I want to make themes for my 8330 Curve with OS 4.5, and a few weeks ago when I considered it, I wasn't sure whether the newest Plazmic Content Developers Kit 4.6 version (then) would work or if I should get Plazmic 4.5. And now today I went to go ahead and just try it, and lo and behold there's now a version 4.7!

    The description for the version 4.7 reads:
    "Create themes and dynamic content for BlackBerry Storm Series, BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphones and BlackBerry Curve 8350i smartphones. Take advantage of additional themable elements for the BlackBerry Storm Series smartphones."

    You know, it doesn't say a word there about 8330. So is not compatible then? Should I use 4.6 instead? Or maybe 4.5?
    04-04-09 11:35 PM
  2. g2hockey's Avatar
    Plazmic CDK4.7 can create themes for 8330 with OS 4.5.
    04-05-09 12:16 AM
  3. prplcherrymnkyberry's Avatar
    Where do you download the CDK software?

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    04-07-09 11:52 AM
  4. phixi416's Avatar
    just go to the plazmic website, thats what i did
    04-07-09 08:20 PM