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    I'll say it. The software is just as buggy as the previous release and has a lot of the same bugs present in the themes that were there on export with the previous version. It's not worthy of being called the official release. It still needs a lot of work and a lot of bug fixes yet to go.

    I hope that RIM is able to get these issues cleared up. I'd like to be able to have the confidence in saying that any theme that I make will be stable, but so far it seems the only thing that has not been an issue is memory leaks. Other stuff is still present, such as the mute button during a call not working once muted, requiring the top button to be used to mute and unmute. Plazmic also does not skin everything appropriately despite the theme preview showing it all skinned.

    Has anyone else found other bugs that may have surfaced? Is RIM paying attention?
    03-17-09 10:12 PM