1. forthefoxes's Avatar
    I am looking everywhere for a Pineapple Express wallpaper. I don't have internet at home anymore so I can't get a pic and make it into a wallpaper for my Pearl 8130. I'm looking for a pic of the scene when the main character is flying (he is jumping off something). I think it would be a hilarious wallpaper! Anyone want to help a girl out?

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    08-03-08 09:09 PM
  2. span's Avatar
    I uploaded some pineapple express wallpapers to crackberry's wallpaper site. They are just waiting to be accepted. If you email me at trunks_luver@hotmail.com I will gladly send you the ones I made as an attachment if you don't want to wait.
    08-04-08 12:45 AM