01-25-10 11:21 AM
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  1. Daniel.Black's Avatar
    No, modifications to premium themes, if small, are free.
    11-04-08 02:40 PM
  2. wagtails's Avatar
    OK, got it now. Thanks. Would adding Calendar to your Christmas theme instead of the sms and mms on the main screen be a small modification? Also, if so, how could you buy the premium Christmas theme say and have the modification done at the same time, for when you buy it, it would be as it was designed. Also one last question. How do you send a theme that requests have been made on after they have been paid for. Like adding Calendar to your Peanuts theme. Would it be OTA or zip file? Thank you d.b
    11-04-08 03:00 PM
  3. Daniel.Black's Avatar
    Yes, replacing the SMS with Calendar would be a breeze. Just be sure to let me know if you want the SMS integrated back into the message box or left separate.

    Unfortunately you must buy the theme and then submit your request for the change. Good news is, you should have the modified theme back within 2 hours after purchase.

    I can send you Zip or OTA or both. Just let me know. All of this will be handled via email at daniel.black@blacksberry.com

    You are very welcome.
    11-04-08 03:05 PM
  4. knotts451's Avatar
    love this theme!
    11-06-08 01:57 PM
  5. Daniel.Black's Avatar
    I also have the Peanuts Thanksgiving theme I released last week here on Crackberry forums.
    11-06-08 02:11 PM
  6. wagtails's Avatar
    did you get my payment to add the Calendar to the main screen of this theme?
    11-06-08 09:48 PM
  7. Daniel.Black's Avatar
    Wag, please send me an email directly at daniel.black@blacksberry.com to discuss this.
    11-06-08 09:54 PM
  8. BlackPearl890's Avatar
    awww super cute love it!! jeje even my dad got it for his
    11-20-08 03:00 PM
  9. CommanderRomeo's Avatar
    I am in love *drools over the memories*
    11-20-08 10:32 PM
  10. susielo's Avatar
    Any chance you will create a Charlie Brown Christmas theme for us?

    I've loved your Halloween and Thanksgiving ones.

    11-27-08 01:54 PM
  11. Daniel.Black's Avatar
    Any chance you will create a Charlie Brown Christmas theme for us? I've loved your Halloween and Thanksgiving ones. Susielo
    Susielo, I have enjoyed doing them as well, but wanted to do some other themes in between so I didn't become the king of Peanuts. Short answer, yes I plan on doing one in the next week or so.
    11-27-08 05:41 PM
  12. susielo's Avatar
    You're a Good Man, Daniel Black! I cannot wait for the new one!

    I think all your themes are fabulous!
    11-28-08 08:36 PM
  13. JMillionNYC's Avatar
    great lookin theme cant wait to try it
    12-01-08 05:47 PM
  14. lazy_man's Avatar
    Just dl the zen theme thank you very much.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    12-02-08 02:57 PM
  15. free2bee's Avatar
    Really nice theme! Already made the switch and lovin it. Thx! :-)

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    12-02-08 03:24 PM
  16. bbaddict13's Avatar
    Can you send me the zip file Charlie Brown zen theme for my 8830 os 4.2? Thanks
    12-03-08 03:12 PM
  17. Daniel.Black's Avatar
    Your OS version must be 4.2.2 or better to use this theme. Please verify your OS version using our guide at Blackberry OS Version | BlacksBerry.com

    If you do meet the requirement, then please send this request to: support@blacksberry.com
    Last edited by daniel.black; 12-03-08 at 03:18 PM.
    12-03-08 03:14 PM
  18. ed.cast's Avatar
    love you for posting this!
    12-13-09 08:27 PM
  19. lovelyloribeth's Avatar
    i love snoopy <3
    12-19-09 12:45 AM
  20. gjms_1999's Avatar
    thanks for this theme
    01-08-10 06:38 PM
  21. muffincake's Avatar
    I can not see it but I like the peanuts could you get ota for 8230

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    01-25-10 11:21 AM
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