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    Hello, my name is Kerry and I've been here just a few times before. I just can't seem to understand all of this. I'm looking for an answer what's probably gonna be a stupid question, even tho I've always believed there are no stupid questions. I would like to get a theme. I have a Curve 8330. I have listed on bplay's site what my phone is but when I downloaded some games from there, it said BB8830. The games work fine on my phone. No problem... Well, I've never downloaded a theme before and I really like that new animated fireplace theme. But when I click on it, it says not compatible with the 8830. BUT I DON'T HAVE THE 8830!! I HAVE THE 8330!!! But I can't scream at the website. Well, I guess I can, but it seems kinda pointless... But I don't want to download something if I'm not gonna be able to use it on my phone. Does anyone know if the animated themes are compatible with the Curve 8330 or not?

    Thanks in advance for any advice...
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    I also downloaded that theme on my 8330. I noticed it listed with a number 8800 as well but mine works too. There is a FAQ to click on at the bplay site so ask them what's up. They always get back with me so they should be able to help you too.
    Please be encouraged to continue to try new things with your BB, keep reading the forums (esp. 101 posts) and ask lots of questions. I hope this helps somewhat.
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    Bplay's animated themes are compatible with the Curve 8330.

    That is just a standard disclaimer that Bplay posted to clarify that a 8830 WE device (running OS 4.2.2) is not compatible with their animated themes. (Animated themes can work on an 8830 running OS 4.5, as mentioned by a Bplay rep.)
    12-23-08 12:46 AM
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    Thanks so much for all your help. I went ahead and downloaded the two themes I was wanting and they both work and they both ROCK!! Thanks again!

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