1. jmiles3bb's Avatar
    We've just released the Oceanside theme for the Bold 9700/9650, Tour 9630, and Curve 8900 for OS 5. So we thought it would be nice to do a giveaway. We're not sure how many we'll give away (at least 1), but the more people who respond, the more we'll give away.

    So here's how it works. Just respond to this thread saying something theme related. Could be why you want this this theme, why you like themes, what would make a cool theme, etc. Doesn't have to be anything elaborate, just a sentence.

    (Curve, Storm, and Torch versions coming soon)

    Oceanside theme

    • 15 home screen icons based on application order.
    • Custom wallpaper
    • Several custom icons and indicators
    • Clear, easy-to read screens

    11-23-10 01:36 PM
  2. jonahz's Avatar
    I love a theme that has lots of spaces for all of my commonly used icons, one that doesnt take away the clean look of my BB, and most importantly - works well with wallpapers, and one with the base OS5 or OS6 icons.

    I would love to take this theme for a spin
    11-23-10 05:57 PM
  3. jmiles3bb's Avatar
    Looks like Extensa is the first winner, but we'd like to give a few more away.
    11-24-10 10:45 AM
  4. jmiles3bb's Avatar
    This theme is now available for the Storm with OS 5.0. If you would like a free copy for your Storm, you can now reply to this thread for a chance to win.
    11-25-10 03:02 PM
  5. jonahz's Avatar
    Thanks for the copy!
    11-25-10 05:49 PM
  6. mcaples's Avatar
    Looks GREAT...hope WHEN you get an 85xx version you do a give away

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    11-25-10 07:53 PM
  7. koksie's Avatar
    Looks like a great theme! I just transferred from a WinMo phone, where I used to be able (through 3rd party app) to make my own shortcuts from the today screen. I was looking for a way to get morge icons to show on my BB then the 6 that seem standard, looks like your theme makes this possible.
    11-29-10 12:35 PM
  8. KEB64's Avatar
    Waiting for the Torch version!
    12-09-10 01:19 PM
  9. mizzy2010's Avatar
    cool, pick me i love sea and beach
    12-10-10 12:17 PM
  10. vziceman's Avatar
    I'm bummed ... Theme looks AWESOME; but I have a Curve 8530. If possible, email me when it is available for me (free or not- I like it). Mjstrehl@yahoo.com

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    12-10-10 09:47 PM
  11. sam81's Avatar
    Guess I missed this post. Very nice looking theme, indeed. I love themes with alot of icons on the home screen. I hope to be able to try this one out.
    12-16-10 06:35 PM
  12. mcaples's Avatar
    Oh sweet!!!...85xx support and i won!!! Great theme!!!!!!!!!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    12-17-10 02:54 PM