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    SWAG BLUE OS6 Icons

    SWAG GRAY OS6 Icons

    SWAG RED OS6 Icons

    You want options? Then you want SWAG!!!
    One fixed OCD icon on the top of the animated side banner (slot1)
    And your choice of 14 different icons that you can change on the fly (slot2 - slot15)

    Touch the bottom of the screen to open the menu and touch your selection to change the bottom OCD icon. Then touch the return arrow at the bottom of the menu.

    Full of hotspots (app menu, quicklaunch, berryweather, meterberry, clock and manage connections) that open with the touch of a finger.

    Rotate the device to landscape and enjoy a fullscreen today menu with 3 entries for each: calendar, messages and sms&mms (along with a bbm spot)
    Touch the notification area to reveal your homescreen wallpaper (touch again to hide)

    Get SWAG now for only .99 UNTIL DECEMBER 5th
    12-04-10 11:14 AM