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    Ever since I installed the NBA theme, my Torch has become slow/laggy and also the Weather Network homescreen icon won't show the weather. But when I choose I different theme that I have on my phone, everything is back to normal. Anyone else getting this with this theme? Btw I'm one of the winners so I downloaded it today and love it!!

    Here's a screenshot showing what I mean by the messed up weather icon:

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    03-30-11 01:23 AM
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    Have you tried to contact the developer? It may be a bug or glitch in the theme. Also, did you do a battery pull after downloading the theme? Most developers recommend doing a battery pull after dl'ing the theme.
    03-30-11 07:54 AM
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    Well, you've determined the problem. Now fix it. (delete the theme)

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    03-30-11 09:18 AM
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    I say do a battery pull. I have no issues running the nba theme on OS 5.0
    03-30-11 09:37 AM
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    I've done 4 battery pulls and deleted the app 3 times and nothing worked but I'll try contacting the developer.

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    03-30-11 09:42 AM
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    I'm going to move this thread to the BB Themes Forum. Often you will find that a theme will slow down your device, usually, it's just minimal. You can work with the developer and also give it a few days to settle in and as you become used to the theme you will notice this delay less and it can become less.
    03-30-11 10:30 AM