1. SuperWario89's Avatar
    so i've been making a Ducati theme for my verizon 9630 and everything is working out well except for one small problem with the pictures i'm using.

    i've been using pictures from this site: Ducati Superbike wallpapers and high resolution pictures

    and i had them all downloaded in the 1440X900 size because thats what i use on my desk top. well i figured that theme studio would just convert them to the right size when i used them as backgrounds.

    this was not the case. i loaded the theme onto my tour and the backgrounds were squished together a little. it was mostly noticable on the wheels because instead of being perfectly circular they were more oval shaped with the longer part of the oval going up and down. (basically it looked like a "0" instead of an "O")

    well i did some research and found that the screen resolution on the tour is 480X360. so naturally i tried to use an online image converter to change the images to 480X360, however it keeps giving me 480X300, and this gives me the same squished effect on the phone still.

    does anyone have a solution for me so that i dont get this squished effect with my backgrounds?
    11-24-09 12:18 AM
  2. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    Use the 1280x960 size instead. When I resize it on my Mac, I can resize it to 480x360 with no distortion.
    11-24-09 08:48 AM
  3. oshawa8330's Avatar
    You need to use a program like Paint Shop Pro or GIMP to resize the pictures. I prefer GIMP since it doesn't distort the image when you resize it.
    11-24-09 12:30 PM