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    I'm creating a theme and for some reason, one of my squares is not like the others. I have tried as many things I can think of with no luck. Attempts to correct the error have been to create my svg file from scratch, redefine the icons for each slot, redefine the icons in theme builder, create new icons from scratch, etc.

    Here is a screenshot of what the boxes look like (slots go from 0-3, left to right)
    Attachment 50476

    In this screenshot, slots 0, 1 and 3 are the "good" images. Slot 1 shows the focus icon. This is what all icons should look like.

    However, looking at a screenshot for slot 2, you will see a different icon with a "muted" look to it
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    I'm not sure what to do at this point. Would anyone have any ideas as to what is going on with this? I've also attached my svg file below, but I can't see any differences between the slots. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    Anyone have an idea about this error? Is additional information needed?
    01-04-10 09:56 AM
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    Is this to be signal strength Meter?
    01-04-10 05:24 PM
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    No it is the application icons. So slot 0 on the far left is messages, then sms/mms, messenger and finally calendar (calendar is far right).

    I should also point out that I am using the svg file to shrink the size of the original icons. The original sized icons are 80x80 and I shrink them down to 25x25.
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    In composer you should be able right click on each theme button individually and select edit. This will open new view of that individual icon. At the bottom time scale you should see event keys. Initial state, focus in state, focus out state and activate state.

    Click at the beginning and end of each state on the timeline and then look to objects column. Eyeballs means visible no eyeballs, not visible.

    Normal Image should be visible for initial and focus out states and focus image should not. Vica-versa for focus in and activate states.

    Edit these for each theme button individually until all are acting the same.
    01-04-10 06:50 PM