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    i have googled the complete s**t out of this and found nothing. please if you know how let me know...

    iv been creating an Blackberry 6 theme since the first pictures leaked taking my time trying to make the icons perfect or as perfect as i can get them, trying my hardest to get the home screen etc as similer as possible.

    QUESTION : i want to create a button that will activate 'today' if clicked. the image below is so u can see kind of what im aiming for. in its normal state i want it invisible but once focused i want the blue square (on image) to appear behind the unread item/s and once clicked i want my home screen icons to go and just have today pop up from bottom of screen. PLEASE HELP as im really proud of what i have done so far and would like to finish this theme the way i want it to be.

    either comment here or PM me.

    Thank you
    05-16-10 09:00 AM