1. FTWrath's Avatar
    I haven't seen a theme like this yet.
    Hey guys and girls. I need a few testers.

    I do have some requirements as this never seems to work out for me. It seems like I never get constructive feedback.

    All Icons are themed! 100%, Every application icon is custom.
    5.0 Transitions!
    Custom Status Icons/Battery/Signal Meters
    Post count: At least 100
    Active Member
    I reserve the right not to send updated/fixed versions if good feedback isn't received.
    Something like "looks awesome" doesn't help me at all.
    Basically, I'm looking for people to test this thing and help me make it a dream theme while staying in the limitations of the design. I do have a custom icon set created, so that will not change, but I am looking for people to help me test it and take it to the next step.
    Well aside from that, I am REALLY nice, I just get aggravated when people want to be "testers" yet it seems like they just do it to get the theme.

    P/m me for testing.
    08-29-10 03:53 PM
  2. motoroid7's Avatar
    Right now I'm on BerryBlab and unable to send you a private message. If you are at all interested in developing a 85xx version please let me know.

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    08-31-10 11:40 PM
  3. badger1963's Avatar
    I'd be happy to test it for you, I've tested a few themes for other developers. Those were not to my liking (unlike this one, been looking for a tab theme for a long time) and I've ALWAYS gave feedback that I've also been credited for upon the posting of the themes. I will give multiple constructive critiques. Your call! I'm using a bold 9700 OS 5.0....

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    09-01-10 12:59 PM