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    I have had this request posted on the Blackberry Developers's forum for a couple of weeks with not a single reply. I was hoping to get some help here.

    I am new to Blackberry and, of course, to their themes. I downloaded the Theme Studio 5.0 and managed to create a theme that met 95% of my desires in one day. Great tool, so far!

    But I have run across a few problems and I am hoping the community will help me figure out where I am going wrong.

    1. By far this is the worst problem. When I install a theme on my Blackberry (Bold 9000), it works great. But every time Desktop Manager says there is a core update (to 4.6), and I let it perform the update, it completely removes my theme. Obviously, my theme is pretty useless if it keeps getting removed. Any ideas why this is happening and how to stop it?

    2. Every single theme I have built using Theme Studio 5.0 that involves a Today element, will not save properly. It says the theme was saved, and I can seemingly reload it and do whatever to it. But once I compile the new theme (and only when working from a theme that was loaded from a saved file), I get tons of SVG errors and the theme will not compile. Add this to my themes getting removed as described above and I have a real mess.

    3. If I make any attempt to reorder the applications within the theme, the folder icons go away. For example, there is a specific icon for the download folder, setup folder, etc. But if I try to reorder so much as one application within Theme Studio, all these folder icons will become the default folder icon. So far, I have not found a way around this.

    I apologize if these questions have already been answered elsewhere, but so far I have been unable to find the answers (except to issue #3, but that was a post regarding an older version of the theme builder software and it said this was a a bug. Surely the bug must have been addressed in the latest release?).

    So thank you in advance for any help provided.
    06-11-10 01:10 PM