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    Thanks To Those Who Donated!!!!
    All themes are free! With a donation (of $1 or more) I will send you the .thm files free of charge! This will let you completely edit the theme to your liking, change, add, remove, do as you please!
    I was giving thms away for free before but my rapidshare expired and I havent received a donation in over a month and cant pay to keep it up anymore. I'm hosting the thm's on my own host now and will use proceeds to pay for my hosting and continue keeping the themes available. Thanks to anyone and everyone who donated. A lot of time went into these and I'm not charging a dime for them. As a thank you for donating i will send you ALL of the .thm files!
    They will come with the icons used and any .psd's (if any were used).
    This will allow you to edit the themes to your liking (You Can Add Today, Today Plus, Zen, Weather, Quick Launch).
    Note: Hardly ANY theme designers give away .thm files for their themes. You can download this collection of .thm files PLEASE REPLY OR DONATE.
    If you can't donate the least you can do is reply with a thank you, it's not that much to ask for. I don't have to do this but I want to help others become good theme makers.
    You may release your own versions of the themes, just link me as a sources as some of the work is of my own.

    Check them out on Resources | BlackBerry Tour Themes
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    how do I download them? :/
    07-10-13 05:18 PM
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    sooo good man thanks!!!!
    04-08-14 05:46 AM