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    2010/11/13 V2.0 UPDATE

    1,Add profiles icon on desktop.
    2,Remove the SMS on desktop,only messages and calendar.
    3,German characters fixed.
    4,Change background.
    5,Change the icons to the OS6 icons.
    6,Include the new OS6 notification icons.
    7,Fixed some bug.
    8,Add Torch 9800 version.

    2010/7/11 V1.6 UPDATE

    1,Add the 85xx version.
    2,Click "0" to show the dock,click "space" to the 8th application in the applications list.click "z" to hide the today area only.(Storm version:add a button for hide the today area only.)
    3,Make the dock 6 icons a little bigger.
    4,Add the messages today area.
    5,Fix some bug.

    2010/6/24 V1.2 UPDATE

    1,Add the storm version.
    2,Change the hidden today to sms and mms today area.
    3,Change the profiles icon to a customized icon in homescreen.You can set for profiles,weather application,etc.
    4,Click unread icon to messages,Click battery meter to options,Click signal meter to manage connections.
    5,Click "0" to the 9th icon in the applications list. (89,90,96,97 versions only)
    6,Some bug fixes.

    Clean and cool interface.
    Icons and today area will be hidden when press escape button and appear when press "0" button.(89,90,96,97 versions only)
    When click time,unread messages area,signal meter and battery meter on the desktop you will go to the Clock,Messages,Manage connections and Options.
    The date area --> Quicklaunch (Storm 95xx version only)
    Digital battery and Signal meter.
    When the battery is low or the signal is weak the digital number will turn red.
    Click "$" to SMS and MMS directly on the desktop. Click "space" to the 8th icon in the applications list. (89,90,96,97 versions only)
    The latest OS6 icons,1 big and 6 small customized icons on the desktop.(Storm 95xx version with 1 big and 5 small customized icons)
    Original alarm icon.
    Clear font,user defined menu and message list font.
    Wallpaper friendly.
    No time lag and requires less memory.
    Free update.

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