1. gmn466's Avatar
    I have been surfing for about 3 days now and have been trying to find METER icons for signal and battery icons... i looked in all these forums and nothing really helpful...
    Im new to the theme builder and dont like the icons the builder offers and reconstructing takes for ever.. if you know of any other great website for icons/.gif and meter please share....
    09-18-08 08:19 AM
  2. SLVR6's Avatar
    It's not actually that tough to make the icons, just takes a little patience. I have yet to come across a good collection of meters. Most people who take the time to make them, keep them to themselves for their own themes.
    09-18-08 08:21 AM
  3. gmn466's Avatar
    Well any idea how to MAKE/Create .gif .png icons that move LIKE a meter per say?
    09-18-08 04:03 PM
  4. SLVR6's Avatar
    Yes actually, what you need to do it take a look at the sample meters. Check out the signal meter first, it is easier. It needs 7 equally spaced images for the 8 levels (off, X, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, SOS). By the way, I use composer to do this. I create a basic image, then modify it, cut and paste to the bigger canvas, then locate it I will try to post a simple one I did for you to mess with.

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    09-18-08 05:28 PM
  5. gmn466's Avatar
    wow i been playing around in the composer and i think this maybe a lil out of my league..... like wow this seems diff.. im trying to find a stragety but spacing them and stuff seems very hard... going to continue see what i come up with
    09-18-08 06:31 PM