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    I need someone to give me very detailed advice on how to make Blackberry themes.

    It might not be much, but depending on information I get, Im willing to pay the person up to $20 through paypal if information is sufficient enough. No, Im not here to play word games with you. This is serious and I will keep my words. Reason Im doing this is because I believe I have sense in good design and Im pretty flexible with learning computer stuff. I think I might be able to meet the design in demand for many people with my ideas. The information must be factual and no-guesses. I will verify the information as best as possible.

    I need the following areas covered.

    1. What software to use and how to use(basic steps. I'll figure out the details). I also need details on compatibility issue with different operating systems (how to make sure a theme is compatible with 4.x, 5.x, etc) and know-hows on how to make a lagless/errorless theme.

    2. Steps on how to prepare myself and the software to sell online. Such as selling on crackberry website. Do I have to pay a vendor fee? How much are we talking? Any details.

    3. Anything in general I should know/worry about before I start this project.

    Please message me the information and I will pay the person who gives me the most insightful and useful information (will need paypal account information). Payment might be distributed to maybe 2~3 different people depending on the amount of information.

    thank you very much in advance.
    05-23-10 05:38 PM