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    I have seen a lot of themes with certain parts I like but didn't like the theme as a whole. So, I decided I'd just make my own and uses ideas I saw in others I liked. I have played with the theme builder and so far have only one done the desktop part. My one question about it is the notification icons. I have seen some themes put the email in a place that only fit the one icon. But I know on stock themes I have had at least three up at a time (email, bb messenger and calender). So, my question is how do you builders plan for multiple notifications showing up at once? Do you just make sure you leave the entire outline box free of overly from other parts on the desktop? Thank in advance.

    08-23-08 03:39 PM
  2. StoneRyno's Avatar
    Notifications are on a special purpose image. Its basically a bar that selectively displays each notification as needed. The sample images typically just have the one image shown because the theme builder only shows the one as position indicator. But as far as I know all themes will show all of the icons at once if you got mor than one type of thing to be notified about.

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    08-24-08 12:23 AM