08-23-09 11:55 PM
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  1. Daniel.Black's Avatar
    I am sorry to say that no there will not likely be any new versions of this theme. The problem is that the icons were done in 48x36 size and the newer phones have 80x80 icons.
    06-23-09 09:19 AM
  2. loveisallaliex's Avatar
    woah, this theme is awesome! great job

    i miss looney tunes. anyone else have vhs tapes of them from cartoon network? :x
    06-24-09 07:29 PM
  3. Fire-Detention's Avatar
    very cool !
    06-24-09 07:34 PM
  4. Dr. Mom's Avatar
    Nothing says "childhood" and "good ole days" like Looney Tunes. Great theme. This is genius. Going to download as soon as there is a commercial during the CWS!! Go Horns!!!!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    06-24-09 08:02 PM
  5. mahiem101's Avatar
    I want that on my phone how can I get that
    08-21-09 02:11 PM
  6. Daniel.Black's Avatar
    Unfortunately we have not ported this theme over. To go from 83xx to 89xx we have to completely recreate the icons. Based on our current workload I would expect to see this in a month of so at the earliest.
    08-21-09 03:13 PM
  7. diglick's Avatar
    This is awsome! I used to love watching Looney Tunes on Saturday mornings. Still can't hear classical music without picturing Bugs rubbing Elmer Fudd's head! lol!
    08-21-09 03:21 PM
  8. hanau1's Avatar
    tried to download with the storm get a 504 error.
    08-23-09 04:15 PM
  9. Daniel.Black's Avatar
    tried to download with the storm get a 504 error.
    This theme is not Storm compatible
    08-23-09 04:59 PM
  10. hanau1's Avatar
    This theme is not Storm compatible
    But in the future how do i tell if a theme is storm or not if it isn't listed in the post?
    08-23-09 07:49 PM
  11. Daniel.Black's Avatar
    LOL, good point. This was one of our very first themes and we didn't have the best forum posting habits back then.
    08-23-09 08:02 PM
  12. hanau1's Avatar
    I am still learning about BB and that theme looks nice.
    could you do a pow/mia theme for the storm?

    I have asked in a few request themes and have not got a yes or no answer yet.
    08-23-09 11:05 PM
  13. Daniel.Black's Avatar
    Strange that you should ask. I saw one of the black pow mia bumper stickers the other day and thought about it. Sad how todays generation has no clue what the bumper stickers mean. I will think about this seriously.
    08-23-09 11:13 PM
  14. hanau1's Avatar
    thanks let me know if you do.
    08-23-09 11:55 PM
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