1. LowDownDirtySkynyrdFan's Avatar
    As you guys may know, I use your themes as my themes because I really enjoy your themes you create (esp. the fact you give us the option of more than just 6 customizeable icons to cycle through - thats big with me)...

    But I've posted a request for a Lynyrd Skynyrd theme, and yet no one has taken me up on that offer. I really want one (and I don't know how to create themes...even so I like your themes...)

    I would be willing to pay $10 for the best theme. If you guys could PM me and let me know, I'd be appreciative. Thanks!
    08-24-10 10:30 AM
  2. Lunars Edge Design's Avatar
    I'd just get a skynyrd wallpaper and ringtone and call it good. It takes hours to make a sweet custom theme to finish, and $10 dollars wouldn't be near enough to compensate the time spent unless they sold it or by donation to a ton of people interested in that type of theme.
    08-25-10 01:41 AM
  3. LowDownDirtySkynyrdFan's Avatar
    I appreciate the input, but I already have a Skynyrd ringtone. Putting a wallpaper just isn't a theme. I've seen other designers make themes just for Steelers fans (not sure why anyone would do that...). Most themes sell for $4 or so. I'm offering $10 for a theme. A Skynyrd theme. If I knew how to do as such, I would. Alas, I am not that technologically advanced.
    08-25-10 01:46 AM