1. nypedestrian's Avatar
    It took WEEKS of trying to come up with a concept and 3 late nights to finish this.

    I love the color green and the look of the Gaia icons.

    I'm not a fan of the icons being on the Home Screen. So I kept it very simple

    I edited the look of the profiles, signal, battery, and notification icons.

    Edited almost all the theme elements to try and bring the concept together.

    http : //s821 . photobucket . com/albums/zz136/nypedestrian/BB%20Theme/

    Sorry, I don't really like to post just read basically hence the hassle of the spaces in the link.

    I'm so glad that ver 5.0 of the theme maker allowed you to change the icons of the Folders.

    Thanks for looking and I welcome any comments
    11-23-09 02:40 AM