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    I remember listening to the radio that morning, flipped the tv on and saw the impossible happen live here on the west coast. Remembering the ones lost. Remembering my mother as well.

    dm and ota for 8300 available if there is enough requests!!!
    I will not be suprised if these worked for 8830/8820.

    DM and OTA Install of Ivory8800
    OS 4.2.1
    ~ 190KB

    let me know how it goes through PM or on this thread.

    Desktop Manager Install 8800

    Over the Air Install 8800
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    09-11-07 12:06 PM
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    Works great and I love the theme.


    09-19-07 08:56 AM
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    I fixed the links so they are active for you. Thanks for posting it.
    09-19-07 05:37 PM
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    thanks, enjoy the themes. Oh by the way, the font for address book, message has been adjusted. Its a larger font.
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    Hey, really good theme, but there's a few glitches with it. On my VZW 8830 when you look at the network signal indicator the XEV icon, the right part of the V is cut off a little. I think you might have the signal strength too close to it or something. I saw this before with other themes and the devs for those said it was a quick fix. The other bug is when you type something (like an email or sms) and you bring up the symbols dialog box (hit SYM on keyboard) the right hand side of that screen is cut off by a little.

    Anyway, it would be great if you could fix those two little glitches and then maybe even export it under 8800 with OS 4.2.2 for us 8830 guys. Thanks a bunch!
    10-07-07 10:15 AM