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    Who doesn't love the Indiana Jones movies? Ok, sure the last one was sort of lame, but hey everybody has an off day.

    • Sankara Stone for Battery Meter
    • Voodoo Doll for Signal Meter
    • Cool Lock screen with BB as the treasure
    • Nice looking Dialog Boxes with torn paper effect
    • Animated statue for hourglass
    • 8 hours of goofing with fonts to get right combination of readability and theme integration

    Ok enough background, here are the pics:

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    ** 81xx version coming soon! **
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    I love these movies. Even that new one they did recently wasn't bad. Only thing I didn't like about it was it was like Harrison Ford watched himself over and over in the original movies and was trying to imitate his acting in them rather than being the character like he did in the originals.

    But anyways I like the theme. I'm getting ready to install it. Icons, fonts, and backgrounds all mesh well.

    EDIT: The link appears to duplicate the http:// tag and so clicking it results in an error. Copy and paste link to memo to remove the extra and paste back to browser works.

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    Fixed the link. Strange thing was, it looked correct. Finally had to completely delete it and reenter the info.
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