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    OK The theme I am trying to make is very similar to original one on my BB Curve 8530. What i want to do is get rid of the banners on top and the bottom of the home screen, add a weather slot, and move a few banner items around. I'm not touching the other screens. Here are my questions.

    1. Is there anyway to resize icons from Theme Builder? For some reason 6 icons don't fit on a curve screen on it. IDK why because 6 icons come on the screen originally. I know you can do it on Composer but I really hate using it. I'll address some of the issues I have with it.

    2. When I export a theme from Composer to Theme Builder why do all my home screen icons show up with the blue focus icons in back of them? I know I added them cause I want them but why are they all lit up at the same time? Shouldn't they be lit up when I'm hovering over them?

    3. In Composer how do you add a flash or glow when you are hovered over a icon exactly like in the original theme? Its a split second glow that I like but I can't figure out how to add it in. I see the glow icon in my folder I feel like there's a purpose for it like to combine that with focus icon. Anyone know how to do it? The Fade In option in Composer is not them same I've tried it.

    4. Is there anyway I can change the font of my clock to look like an alarm clock's or a digital wrist watch? I wish I can post a picture but I can't yet. Hopefully you know what I'm talking about.

    08-11-10 02:26 AM
  2. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    You don't need composer for what you want to do.
    To add the quick flash, it's a setting in Theme Builder, you will see when you check the properties of the icons, its called flash. That is what you want to get the default effect.
    08-12-10 05:50 PM
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    Yes I see that but Theme Builder is not letting me fit 6 icons for my curve. Idk why. So I've been using composer to do 6 icons. When I import the SVG to TB the properties tab no longer shows up cause I didn't use TB to set up my icons and I think the properties tab only comes up if you make icons through TB. So unfortunately I can't use that. Unless you can tell me a way to resize icons in TB then I will be able to do that.
    08-12-10 10:14 PM
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    You can make them fit. If they fit on the default theme, they will fit in a custom theme. Are you using the alignment and compress tool?
    08-13-10 03:49 PM
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    You can make them fit. If they fit on the default theme, they will fit in a custom theme. Are you using the alignment and compress tool?
    I put 6 icons on the screen. I highlight them all and align them straight in a row horizontally. Then I pack them together to make them evenly spaced. I center them up and the first and sixth icons are partially out of the screen. I've tried everything in TB to resize them and I don't see anything that will allow me to. Try seeing for yourself.

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    08-14-10 06:53 AM