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    Here's a plain and simple bottom zen, taken after nancy drew's boring bottom zen. Thanks again nancy drew for allowing me to replicate it! anyway, I will start off by saying I did not center the time and date. (saw another thread about that) in order to make the banner smaller.

    This is for OS 4.5 and 4.2+, i tested it for a while so it should be ok. It is extremely small at 75kb's which is nice and looks sweet with any walpaper. I hope you all enjoy it! Finally I can give back to such a great group of people!

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    08-13-08 12:19 AM
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    Is there an OTA link? I'm on the WAP and don't see a link or screenshot.
    Sounds like a theme I'd like!

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    08-13-08 01:26 AM
  3. pearlyrob's Avatar
    not yet, I'l try though!
    08-13-08 01:27 AM
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    Let me know when it is available. Thank you.

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    08-13-08 05:45 AM
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    Can you change which icons appear on the home screen with this theme?

    Thanks. Looks good.
    08-14-08 11:44 AM
  6. pearlyrob's Avatar
    they are fixed icons on the homescreen, but if you would like certain icons, just let me know and i'll customize it for ya.

    08-14-08 12:45 PM