1. clem2595's Avatar
    Hey guys and gals, I have been working at making my own icons for my themes, and i cant get the aspect ratio right. What size do the icons need to be? Every time i try to use one that i have made (.png) it looks all distorted and askew. I'm using Paintshop Pro 9. I have plazmic composer but i cant get the hang of it, and its really pi**ing me off. I just need to know what size to make the icons. Please help
    07-12-08 08:52 PM
  2. orangetx's Avatar
    whats up, the size for the screen icon is 36x48
    for the phone, its 50x50
    the best thing to do is to find a program that will allow you to resize the images.
    start off designing them at the size of 256x256.
    this will allow you to get more detail to your icon. then just resize it down to 36x48.
    some of the time, you may want to size it down to 36x48 and then takethe image its self and size it to give it a clean look.
    if its any thing to ya, ill say photoshop is best to do work in icon design. if you like, shot me a PIN or PM and i can give you some points.
    07-13-08 05:22 PM
  3. youngspider's Avatar
    thanks for the info orange, i know it's an old thread but thanks
    03-30-09 03:06 AM