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    Hello (: I'm currently making my own theme for blackberry storm users. I am SUPER NEW with this, however I'm good with computers & and phones and such. I'm finding it really easy to make this HTC theme for storm users. There is just ONE problem I need help with. I want to know how to make the clock that HTC phones have on the home screen.

    I Know how to do the icons & everything for the homescreen, so don't worry. I just wanna know how to make an htc clock based theme for the ladies. Any suggestions? Like i said, I'm SUPER new at this, so be nice.. It's my first time EVER making a theme.

    The attached file is how I want to do the background. I just need help adding the clock

    And this theme WILL be for free & I'm willing to make this theme for any other phones requested
    07-30-10 07:34 PM