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    Theme name:HTC PureBlack & HTC PureBlue
    Theme author: guzzl3r
    Supported Device Model(s) and OS: 8900,9000,9600,9700 OS 5.0
    Theme Cost: SALE PRICE $2.99
    Download Link(s):

    OTA Install for HTC PureBlue

    OTA Install for HTC PureBlack

    Experience the HTC Pure look on the Blackberry.

    If you like the look of the HTC Pure and you like the big clocks but on your BlackBerry look no further. This theme is the closest you'll get to the HTC Pure without having to buy the phone, big clock and all.

    There are 2 versions with several variations, a black version and the blue version. There are 6 home screens which you'll be able to pull up by clicking the blackberry logo button. Each screen has a number of icons within reach with crisp clean animations on each screen.You can hide these icons by navigating up while on any icon.

    Under the stacks icons(right hand corner) you'll be able to pull up your hidden Today feature by clicking the the stacks icon. If you navigate down you also have a hotspot to the clock application which you can launch by clicking.

    If you scroll to the right of the profiles button this will reveal the 6 user defined icons. You can hide these icons by navigating down while on any icon.

    If there are any concerns or questions please email me at guzzl3r@ymail.com.



    -User defined fonts throughout the theme
    -User defined lock screen
    -Custom menus and submenus
    -Six user defined icons (scroll to the right of profiles) (icon slot1-6)
    -6 Home screens (click blackberry logo button to reveal animated dock)
    -Hidden Today (click the stacks button in upper right corner)(6 entries)
    -QuickLaunch - integrated (hotkey space bar)(app sold separately)
    -SMS Hotkey - (hotkey $ )
    -Weather support (BerryWeather homescreen wallpaper compatible)
    -HTC Pure flip clock
    04-23-10 07:35 PM