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    I downloaded the Windows 7 Premium theme from:

    Additional Theme Screenshots

    Now when I change the wallpaper it also changes the MENU wallpaper also! How can I leave the menu wallpaper as default and ONLY change the main wallpaper.

    I can do the opposite by clicking Reset Wallpaper. It changes the main wallpaper to default and keeps the menu wallpaper as the custom.

    Also how do I change BOTH wallpapers back to the DEFAULT.. for any theme!
    03-08-09 09:57 PM
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    I guess it ALWAYS changes both, but I've also been wondering the same.

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    03-09-09 02:19 AM
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    Where'd you get that theme? And who's it by?

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    03-09-09 02:44 AM
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    Quick answer: you can't. theme designers choose whether a theme's wallpapers on home screen and menu screen could be modified or not via Plazmic theme builder on PC. Once a theme been exported to the final *.cod application the users can not change the theme's wallpaper customization feature on blackberry device.

    Theme designers can choose lock the home screen background and leave the menu screen background changeable or let both screens' backgrounds have user custom function. They are the only 2 wallpaper custom styles currently we have for blackberry themes. When themes are set to have both backgrounds custom function, once you set a custom picture as wallpaper, both default backgrounds would be switched to the same custom background you added -- no matter the original ones on both screens are the same or not.

    If you reset the background and find the home screen goes back into the preset wallpaper yet the menu screen still remains the same before the presetting, it is just an unfixed bug on Plazmic theme builder, not a theme function.

    It happens while composing themes for OS 4.5 320x240 devices (83xx, 87xx, 88xx) on Plazmic theme builder v.4.5 bundle 24 and v.4.6, and I also find this issue could be found on elecite's latest premium themes as well as hedone hawker's latest premium themes, and of course on a lot of free themes based on those versions' theme builders.

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    03-10-09 05:09 AM