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    Pulling my hair out here.

    I have made a nice simple beginners theme. I have learned how to add remove buttons, too navigate between buttons, to amend the application screen (move clock, signal etc) simple.

    My nightmare is amending the Home screen. I cannot seem to move the time, date, etc etc. I have manage to alter font size for something and change the battery graphic but I wish to totally rearrange it. I have even seen people have some info at the top (clock, network, date) and other info at the bottom of the screen (Signal, notifications etc).

    The BB theme maker is great but I cannot seem to do this.

    I can see it is done via themes I have downloaded or looked at but I am truly stuck.

    Can anyone please advise me what to do?

    Thank you

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    06-30-11 05:10 AM
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    I have trawled the web and I cannot seem to find anywhere that shows me how to physically alter the home page. So information is at the bottom of the screen

    My current theme is drew11_24 if you are unsure what I mean. In this case at the bottom the battery, profiles, notifications, wifi etc are all at the bottom of the screen.

    I am look to find out how this is done.

    Can anyone help please?

    07-02-11 07:08 PM