06-28-10 03:11 PM
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    The theme throw down was a good idea but poorly implemented

    They should have had 5 themes per day on 99c from 5 diff developers and the winner at the end of the week was the champ!

    Regards app world - I give away my new themes free for a week so they get high up the popularity chart and so sell more.

    Mobihand doesn't give you this option

    Out of the 40 themes I have on mobihand my top 3 do 66% of my business as they are in the top 25 themes. The others themes are hidden away and so never get seen or sold!

    App world I have half the number of themes in and sell more apps and take more money!

    Mobihand is a great outlet for selling apps and I have nothing against them , they intergrated a shopping cart to my site free of charge and it works great and I sold 700 more a month because of it!

    Main prob with the throw down is that 90% of pplk don't even know about it or really care about it just means 4 developers get 5 deals of the day! Which we all know equals a lot more sales!

    (Saying that I was dod of sunday just gone so cnt complain tOo much)

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    06-08-10 06:08 PM
  2. BBThemes's Avatar
    Let us know if you've got themes you'd like included in the Deal-of-the-Day or other theme promotions, at developers at mobihand dot com.
    what happens when we email yourselves then? do we get a confirmation or anything? and im taking i being deal of the day in june just ent gonna happen cos of the throwdown
    06-08-10 06:25 PM
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    As berrygoodthemes say MobiHand is a great site. In my case, I'm rather new to selling themes, the experience has been very good and easy.
    David, my only complaint is that the promotions it's not fair and, as I write in the email I send you, would be great if you take into account other developers (not so well known).
    06-10-10 11:33 AM
  4. BIG CAT 7's Avatar
    Why not just post a poll for a week and at the end of the week the top five dev face off against eachother? Let the consumer/people decide and then all the developers have a chance. I personally don't care for the way this is done and I don't even develop themes. There are a ton of developers that I feel were left out and some of their work is way better IMO than some of the ones selected.

    IMO customer support is the biggest decision in my purchasing of themes and I feel that there are a few on here that are top notch and take care of the people when there are also a few that just post the themes for the dollar signs and could care less about what the consumer thinks.

    Next time there is such and idea why not ask the people that keep the site going on a daily basis rather than make decisions that may backfire. If you give the people a chance to decide then there will be less issues between everyone due to the fact that the people have an opportunity to speak out and vote for what they want.

    Letting people vote for the top 5 and then have a face off of the top five chosen is the way this should have been done IMO, then everyone has a fair chance. I can almost guarantee you that probably three of the 5 selected may not even be in there at all. I could be wrong but we will never know.
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    06-15-10 09:18 AM
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    ok then, so iv been quiet on this subject for a few days, as i thought `why shout when nobody is prepared to listen` and im sorry but this `theme throwdown` is now offically a FARCE!!!

    iBerry is AGAIN deal of the day if you dont have a storm, as the throwdown theme isnt compatible with some devices, its cool his (BT Designs) theme isnt compatible, but as its his Deal of the Day week, maybe one of his other themes to fill the void? or maybe, just maybe a theme that HASNT been deal of the day SIX YES SIX times this month already!!!!!

    im sorry david from mobihand, but please dont tell me that you support all developers when in 17 days one person is deal of the day SIX times, that, in no uncertain terms, is biased. its totally inexcusable.

    its should be something like

    theres a list for deal of the day, when you have been deal of the day, your theme then goes to the bottom of that list, and you get your next deal of the day when its your turn. NOT one every 3 days on average (based on this month).

    if anybody else has been deal of the day SIX times in 17 days then please feel free to step in and show how unbiased mobihand are.

    sorry mobihand appstore, but have TOTALLY lost faith in you now. come appworld 2.0 with card and carrier billing, and sections for apps and themes, i fear your time is up if you continue to favor certain developers (who have already had their theme throwdown week that most of us havent had).

    id just like to add that this in no way reflects on ANY theme developer, and i have no gripes with any developer at all.
    06-17-10 02:40 PM
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    ah you gotta love these things, i ask mobihand about deal of the day (as directed earlier in thread) and heres the reply i got

    There hasn't been a reply yet on that ticket, but I asked our promotions coordinator and was told that you should try promoting your products more
    top draw customer service from mobihand eh!
    06-28-10 03:11 PM
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