1. tiger2791's Avatar
    I am wondering how to get the themes off of this site that are created by you guys I know i have it downloaded I just dont know how to get it on my phone please help.
    04-18-10 10:23 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    04-18-10 10:32 PM
  3. dragon718#CB's Avatar
    if you downloaded it on to your computer then you can use Desktop Manager and go to Application Loader.
    04-18-10 10:32 PM
  4. hondateg91's Avatar
    Did you download the zip files or OTA files?
    04-18-10 10:33 PM
  5. tiger2791's Avatar
    how do i get application loader?
    04-18-10 10:37 PM
  6. tiger2791's Avatar
    ota is what i downloaded
    04-18-10 10:38 PM
  7. hondateg91's Avatar
    ota is what i downloaded
    You need to download the theme from your blackberry browser since it's an OTA file. Go to m.crackberry.com from your phone.
    04-18-10 10:40 PM
  8. tiger2791's Avatar
    ahhh wow im dumb thanks
    04-18-10 10:41 PM
  9. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    What device do you have? What operating system are you using?

    The themes must be for your device and operating system. To find out your operating system go to Options>About. What does it say?
    04-18-10 10:42 PM
  10. pkcable's Avatar
    To turn on the theme, you go to Options, Theme, and then select the one you just downloaded.
    04-18-10 10:43 PM