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    "Step 1

    You need to make a theme that your device deems compatible. For this you need to trick your way past the theme builder. To achieve this, you need to navigate to c:\program files\research in motion\blackberry theme studio 6.0\resources\theme\blackberry6_480x360.

    Here you find a few .properties files, grab the 9780blackberry6.properties file and copy it somewhere for safe keeping. Now you need to edit that file so its contents tell the theme studio to export for OS7. To do this you need to change a few lines of code in the file: line 10 is the theme.base which should = BlackBerry7_640x480_b and line 11 is theme.alternate which should = BlackBerry7_640x480_bs1. Next, alter line 25 to read 6.0,7.0 as the supported OS, line 26 to 7.0 as the default export option, then line 27 as 6.0,7.0 for the imported OS.

    Now save and rename that file to 9900BlackBerry7.properties and paste the 9780 file saved from earlier. This now means theme builder will export themes for OS7 (because we dont want to wait half a year for RIM). "

    This is step one i just need to know line 10 and 11 for 9860
    and for curve 9360 .. plz if any one knows .. thanks
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    12-24-11 05:07 AM