1. JaklynStotler's Avatar
    So I'm not sure if I've got a huge issue or a small one lol. The thing is, I downloaded Plazmic Theme Builder and spent FOREVER making myself a theme, then I wasn't sure how to get it to work on my BB I first tried going to file-export-JAD and sent it to a random file on my BB where I was able to download it, but not set it as a theme. Then I tried exporting it as an ALX and was able to do absolutely nothing with it. I read somewhere that I also had to have Plazmic Theme Builder on my phone.. but wasn't sure if that was true and if it is how to get that on there lol. I'm sorry if this is repetitive or anything but I'm quite the newby! I've only had it for like 3 days hee hee. But if anyone has any ideas that I can try I'd be so grateful!

    09-21-08 10:58 PM
  2. TStan47's Avatar
    The alx file is used to install themes with your Blackberry Desktop Manager. Jad files are used along with cod files to install the theme OTA. So your best bet is to open DM and browse for your alx file and load it that way.

    09-21-08 11:49 PM
  3. never_a_noob's Avatar
    I was having the same problem. I made a killer theme that I have PERFECT, but I can't seem to load it on my BB. I spent the last two nights trying to find an answer.
    When you are exporting, you have to select a target OS. But, if you've customized too many things, your only target os is 4.5.
    I have a Pearl (4.2), I can't figure out what I "over customized" but once you do and get rid of that one thing, more options will appear and you just choose the one that fits your phone.
    09-23-08 04:04 AM
  4. Angel_Love87's Avatar
    In order to save a customized theme in anything other than 4.5, read this:

    09-23-08 04:09 AM