1. riggz's Avatar
    I'm having some issues with the buttons in Plazmic. When I select any of the sample button images it uses a tiled setup. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong here. Here's a screenshot:

    07-07-08 05:54 PM
  2. DearFloyd's Avatar
    Increase the numbers for "left, right, top, and bottom" then hit OK. And keep playing with those numbers until the buttons look good enough for you to use.

    Or you can click on the edges where those black lines are and drag them up down, left or right...
    07-07-08 05:58 PM
  3. riggz's Avatar
    If I increase the numbers the tiles get smaller. Same thing with moving the lines. I want it to be one smooth button.
    07-07-08 06:02 PM
  4. DearFloyd's Avatar
    Well moving the line and increasing the numbers do the same thing. Its either/or.

    Something tells me you didn't hit "OK" and then look at the buttons. I can assure you that's the only way to make it a smooth button. Don't look at how it looks in the preview or tile image window. Just hit OK and keep playing with it.
    07-07-08 06:07 PM
  5. riggz's Avatar
    Ah ok. I see what you mean now. Got it to not tile on the button, but now it has an ugly white outline around the button.
    07-07-08 06:12 PM