1. LTunezz's Avatar
    umm so guys i see some really great themes.. but when it comes to downloading, im confused.. i download to my desktop?? i need some help please and thanks guys
    06-05-10 09:45 PM
  2. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    If there is an OTA link, send the link to your phone, or browse the forum from your phone and click on it.

    If there is a DM download, download it on your PC, and load it with Desktop Manager.
    06-05-10 10:17 PM
  3. LTunezz's Avatar
    thank u very much
    06-06-10 03:25 PM
  4. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    You are welcome.
    06-06-10 04:20 PM
  5. Rose_MMDesign's Avatar
    Here are the steps for installing a theme on to your blackberry

    Connect your BlackBerry to your computer via the USB cable that came with it.
    Start the Desktop Manager.
    Click on Application Loader
    In this screen you have two options to select from.
    Select Add/Remove Applications.
    From this screen, click browse.
    Select the path of the downloaded theme.
    Find the alx file for the application, highlight it and click open.
    Click finish.
    You can now exit the Desktop Manager and disconnect your BlackBerry.


    Over the air installations (called OTA) allow you to point your BlackBerry browser to a file, and have it downloaded and installed directly from there.
    When you directly select the link from the browser of your mobile, you will be prompted to download the theme.
    Once the download has completed, the installation should begin manually.
    If it doesnt, click the Install button. Once it has successfully completed, click OK.
    Navigate to your Themes section & select your newly installed theme.
    And now your newly installed theme is up & is in use.
    Thank you very much!
    06-16-10 11:34 AM