1. Pympede's Avatar
    I just ran maxmem to clear up free space on my Pearl, and it deleted my downloaded theme that I loved like a child. Unfortunately for me I downloaded it about a a month ago and have no idea what its called.

    The theme's home screen has 5 icons along the bottom, and the wallpaper is dark with a green purple plasma smoke looking thing, and then when you view all apps the wallpaper changes to just black. The icon for settings was a gear.

    I seem to remember it was called plasmic, but searching that just turns up the plazmic theme builder.

    I'm sorry the information is so sparse, but if anyone knows what I am talking about I would be eternally grateful. Thanks.
    05-27-09 02:09 PM
  2. Pympede's Avatar
    So I found the theme, it's called iPrecision 8100. I downloaded OTA but it doesn't show up in the theme list, only Zen does. So I'm guessing that maxmem deleted all themes, but that iPrecision needs an old theme to work. How can I found out what it needs to show up and work?
    05-27-09 02:57 PM