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    I made a theme and exported it mid-making just to try and see how it was coming (because it is my first theme) and now that I am done, I try and export it in ALX and when I load it, the theme only like half-loads on my phone. Like the font color loads, background image loads, some font loads but some stuff I did with the icons does not... I am going INSANE. After working on it for so long to not be able to use it would kill me.... Any help would be awesome. I have a Bold running and using Plazmic
    01-03-09 01:49 PM
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    Ok, I figured it out... The font I was using was messing it up for some reason so I changed it.... There is probably a way to keep that font but I will try later. I am going to post it in the Bold section soon! Hope you guys enjoy.
    01-03-09 02:41 PM