1. itisme 315's Avatar
    I got my wife a bb curve 8130 the other day and I bought a theme from crackberry yesterday and when I got the download link in my email it gave a me the choice to have downloaded to my pc or sent via text message. I choose text message and when I got downloaded it to my phone and I finally found the file but it will not open up so I went back to my email and had it downloaded to my pc as a zip file and I follwed the instructions and unzipped the files and the file that I was supposed to click on it says that Windows Vista does not recognize the file. It seems like Vista can never open any files. If any body can help me instgall this theme I would really appreceiate it. Remember I am not BB savvy I have only used My ATT tilt for few years so make it as simpls *** possible. Thanks Dcb315
    10-25-09 01:02 PM
  2. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Have you installed the BlackBerry desktop manager software that came with the phone onto your PC yet? (if not, please do)

    Once this is installed, open Desktop Manager, click on Add/Remove Applications, then explore. navigate to the unzipped file on your computer and open that, it should then prompt to install it.
    10-25-09 01:04 PM
  3. itisme 315's Avatar
    Thanks Drm2blv! I do have the desktop manager loaded and I did find the file and I clicked on it and nothing happens. The file is there and also on my phone. I can not figure out what I need to do now. Should I delete it and try again? Thanks
    10-25-09 01:45 PM
  4. itisme 315's Avatar
    Anybody have an idea what I need to do to fix this problem? Thanks
    10-25-09 03:47 PM