1. Spectrumpigg's Avatar
    I need some help, and wondering if this is the place to put it for the help?

    Need help with:

    Animations on the icon (ie bouncing and what not)
    Custom icons without borders like in the zen
    Custom animation for the text that fades in above the icons
    Reception bar (where the battery info and rececption is at) Need to know how to place the icons and change the width of it

    thats all i can think of now
    03-28-09 06:00 PM
  2. Spectrumpigg's Avatar
    i also have some custom banner items, but when i load them on they are cut and i need to change the grid size of them. anyone know how to?
    03-28-09 06:48 PM
  3. g2hockey's Avatar
    for banner items, place your mouse over the banner items in theme builder and the pop up tooltip shows you the dimension for that item.

    scale your image to that dimension so that they can be shown properly.

    for multi-state images, as long as your custom image has the same number of states, theme builder will divide them for you.
    04-01-09 12:33 AM