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    Theme name: Hedone Design "VistaLike" theme
    Theme author: Hedone Design
    Theme credits: Hedone Design and MS
    Supported Device Model(s):
    8300, 8500, 8900, 9000, 9500, 9600, 9700 series
    Download Link(s): Check store on this site
    Theme Cost: 6.99$

    There is a lot of Windows Vista replica themes Well, here is VistaLike theme from HedoneDesign Multifunction theme with Wallpaper ExpansionPack!

    This is the real Win Vista Replica theme for BlackBerry. With sharp and clean graphics and additional buttons. Beside classical icons that you find on HomeScreen, this theme provides a bit more. Signal and battery meters are buttons and the same goes for clock and date. That way you dont have to leave HomeScreen to get to any of frequently used functions or programs.

    We prepared several options of this theme for you! Check available options and select between this versions:
    - Zen
    - TodayPreview (shows future events when icon is selected (not clicked))
    - TodayPlus (shows messages and Calendar events on HomeScreen)
    - TodayPlus Messages (shows more messages on homescreen and no Calendar events)
    - TodayPlus Calendar (shows more Calendar events and no Messages on homescreen)
    11-25-09 03:38 AM