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    I'm a theme fanatic!
    Simple, easy to read
    Zen themes, sides or bottom
    Narrow top banner
    Percentage battery and reception
    Ability to use any themes w/ walls of my own
    Med font
    Fonts that "go with" the theme
    Mostly I use bold icons. I like them customizable
    Soft colors
    I do not like today themes at all-IMO I can go to my cal or messages to see them. I like simple
    Main screen too busy
    Profile icon, I hide all but 5 icons which I keep on my homescreen
    Icons too big
    In the end, I d/l themes all the time and if I find they don't work for me its very easy to delete!

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    I forgot one huge annoyance, for me at least.

    Inability to make changes globally. That is if I organize one theme the
    way I like I want all the others to follow that setup.

    One of the reasons I don't do themes is I have to set them up individually.
    With 54 apps, that is a giant PITA.

    Not a theme issue, definitely an OS issue. The primary reason why I find 1 theme and stick with it. On my 8300, I used the Dimension L. I'm using the 8 Bottom Today by Scoot05RedSS on my 9700 currently, because it is pretty close to perfect for me. 8 small icons on the bottom, customizable, weather slot, bigger clock, hidden today, close-to-stock look, and pretty wallpaper friendly.


    -big memory footprint
    -font choices that screw up menus and buttons elsewhere in the OS
    -gratuitous transition usage
    -feature bloat: Honestly, aren't there enough built-in keyboard shortcuts for you? Other than QuickLaunch, Manage Connections, weather, and maybe SMS keyboard shortcuts, which are handy and don't already have shortcuts, why build extra hotspots for standard BB apps that already have keyboard shortcuts? JMO, I know there are people out there who use Dial From Home Screen, so I guess it's a help for them, but many are simply redundant bloat for me.
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    First things I look for (Likes):
    - Shortcuts, shortcuts, shortcuts! SMS & MMS being the main one since there was never any built in shortcut for this ever and it made my life easier when I have shortcuts for pretty much everything else. A shortcut for profile is sweet too since 5.0 took it away. Ideally, I'd also like to have shortcuts for media such as music and pictures.
    - User definable fonts. I understand a theme builder creating something with their aesthetic view in mind, but the importance of fonts and functionality far outweigh the subjectivity of a theme builder implementing their own preference for fonts, imo. Sorry!
    - TODAY or HIDDEN TODAY. I prefer today over hidden today though since I don't mind a busy screen. I can never be satisfied with my wallpapers so I end up switching them back to default anyway. My calendar is jam packed, so this is important. So ideally, a TODAY theme with at least 6-7 calendar entries that show location as well. *hint hint!*
    - Weather slot. I travel a lot, go figure.
    - Modded battery meter w/percentage or color change. This actually helps a lot I'v noticed, plus makes it look cool, etc. =P

    - Transitions. Again, I feel transitions are very subjective. The only transition I'm really ok with is fade...and maybe slide. The zoom I absolutely hate!
    - Lag. This is a no brainer...
    - Today or hidden today themes with a short today. Sorry but when I see "Go to B...." or "Meeting w/ D.." I find this absolutely useless. A today/hidden today is never ever implemented for aesthetic purposes, so please make it functional.
    - Convoluted-ness. A theme that's just too "roundabout." I know some these are wicked looking but if I have to click a button to open something then click another button to close it and scroll back to click something else in order to open what I previously had I might as well have just hit the app button.
    - Hidden docks. I gave this a shot several times, but it's just not for me. Plus the technical workarounds seem too much of a hassle. Either make everything more streamlined, or make a dock. Not both. I don't like bouncy docks either.
    - Scroll docks. Again, there are some themes that did this right, but all scroll docks are not created equal. Some are quick and smooth, others are laggy. I'm not a theme builder so I have no idea why this is the case. Smooth/quick scroll > laggy.

    Overall, my personal preference is always functionality > aesthetics. This is not to say that aesthetics don't play a big part though...
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